Amber Rose Finally Opens Up About Chris Rock Dating Rumors

BY Dora Abena Dzaka January 10, 2024 7:30 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Amber Rose

When Amber Rose and Chris Rock were spotted together last month, dating rumors began to circulate even though the most recent rumors concerning the former and Wiz Khalifa’s relationship status were triggered by a remark made by Rock on Instagram.

 Amber Rose shared a picture of herself and Wiz Khalifa grinning and hugging on January 5, 2024, along with the caption, “Best friends.”

Chris Rock, who’s renowned for his sharp and edgy humor, remarked with a laughing emoji and wrote: “I’m next”. 

But Amber Rose took offense at the joke and promptly cut Chris Rock’s flirtatious comment short. She replied addressing any dating rumor.

“No, you’re not. You’re married. Stop. And no we’re not together either before y’all start.”

Following Amber’s responses, numerous fans praised her for sticking up for both herself and her friendship with Wiz Khalifa. Some also expressed support for Rose and Khalifa’s co-parenting agreement and expressed hope that the two would eventually reconcile.

On January 3, the model and activist went on The Tamron Hall Show and talked about her circumstances. She claims that while she and her ex-husband do not plan to get back together, they get along well as co-parents.

“I believe that Wiz and I are now the best of friends; we’ve moved on so far from our romantic relationship that I can say that now, right? It’s not something we would revisit or anything like that. All we are is co-parents and friends.”

The rumors about Rock were finally put to rest when Amber Rose continued by saying that she is not currently dating anyone. She affirmed, “I love my kids and I love myself right now. Tamaron, I’m not thinking about any men. Not at this time.”

Amber Rose began dating Wiz Khalifa a year after splitting from Kanye West, and the two were married in 2013. Since their 2016 divorce, the ex-couple has shared joint custody of their son, whom they have co-parented.