50 Cent Is Practicing Abstinence In 2024 And Here Is Why

BY JO Mensah January 10, 2024 10:09 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@50cent

50 Cent, the rap star and business mogul, has revealed that he is giving up sex for the whole year of 2024, in order to concentrate on his new idea.

He made this announcement on his Instagram account on Tuesday (January 9), where he shared a picture of himself wearing a suit and sunglasses.

In the caption, he wrote: “My new idea is so big, I don’t have time to be distracted I’m practicing abstinence, I have been meditating and focusing on my goals. I hope this New Year helps you excel to the next level.”

He did not disclose what his new idea was, but he hinted that it was something related to entertainment and technology. He also said that he was working with some of the best minds in the industry, and that he was confident that his idea would change the game.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, is known for his successful career as a rapper, actor, producer, and entrepreneur. He has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, and has won several awards, including a Grammy, a Billboard Music Award, and a BET Award. He has also starred in and produced several movies and TV shows, such as Power, For Life, and Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

He is also the founder of G-Unit Records, G-Unit Films and Television, and SMS Audio. He has invested in various ventures, such as Vitamin Water, Effen Vodka, and Branson Cognac. He is also a philanthropist, who has supported various causes, such as education, hunger, and health.

His fans and followers reacted to his post with mixed reactions. Some praised him for his dedication and discipline, while others questioned his decision and joked about his sex life. Some also expressed their curiosity and excitement about his new idea, and wished him success and happiness.