Video: Steve Harvey Says He Wants His Share Of The Reparations Due Black Americans (Watch)

BY Dora Abena Dzaka June 22, 2024 7:32 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey had a conversation with Vice President Kamala Harris at the 100 Black Men of America convention in downtown Atlanta on Friday.

Despite not being a formal campaign event, the appearance took place as the Biden campaign worked to increase black support before the 2024 presidential race.

Harvey was the moderator for the conversation over Harris’s Economic Opportunity Tour.

According to Steve Harvey, he is entitled to a portion of the reparations owed to black Americans. He went on to outline his plan for directing the conversation: “This isn’t the time to start calling my radio show and DMing me, asking why you haven’t been asked any hard questions.”

The comedian admitted he was setting up “an alley-oop for a dunk because this administration needs to get the word out of what they’re actually doing and what they’re actually accomplishing, so we can stop all this foolishness about ‘What are you doing for black people?’” 

He turned, speaking more directly at the crowd, saying, “Can’t nobody come out with no agenda and call it ‘This is for black people, and expect to get into the White House. You have to play the game differently. Y’all know what this is. They have done a lot. I’m hearing all these people talking ’bout ‘I’m not voting if they are not doing nothing’ for us.’”

Steve Harvey Moderate Conversation: Video Credit: 11Alive

The comedian sternly addressed the people, saying, “If you ain’t got no voting power, you’re talking about reparations. Isn’t nobody going to give you any reparations if you don’t vote? I don’t know why you think they will give us some money, no matter how. I hope they do. They owe us. I’ll go down there.”

Harvey has received a lot of backlash on Twitter, where the video has been shared multiple times.

This is due to his prior support of former President Donald J. Trump. However, when Harvey first went to President Trump at the time, he made it clear that he was solely there out of respect for the presidency and to try to improve the community.