J. Cole Rides Bike In New York City, Fans Mob Him

BY JO Mensah June 27, 2024 10:12 AM EDT
J. Cole
J. Cole Photo source: Instagram/@realcolelyrics

J. Cole is living his best life in New York City, embracing the simple pleasures of biking around and writing raps on park benches.

Recently, fans spotted the Dreamville boss multiple times in the bustling streets of the Big Apple. At one point, a crowd gathered around him as he rode his bicycle, and he kindly obliged by posing for the many cameras.

On another day, fans noticed him from a distance as he sat on a bench, pen and paper in hand, crafting verses for what is rumored to be his upcoming album, “The Fall Off.” These sightings have excited fans, eagerly anticipating new music from the acclaimed rapper.

This was not the first time J. Cole has been seen writing outside recently. Last month, a TikTok user went viral after encountering the Dreamville star at the beach. The video began with calming ocean waves before cutting to a photo of her sitting beside Cole on the sandy shore. Wearing a casual outfit and headphones connected to a laptop, Cole seemed to enjoy the peaceful setting.

The woman shared a 30-minute conversation with Cole, asking about the ongoing feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Cole reportedly disliked conflict, saying he prefers to stay out of the drama and enjoy a peaceful life.

Fans have found humor in these real-life encounters, comparing Cole to tranquil scenes from popular shows like Spider-Man, Family Guy, and The Sopranos.