Ice Spice And Central Cee Fuel Romance Rumors With London Shopping Spree

BY JO Mensah July 9, 2024 7:58 PM EDT
Ice Spice
Ice Spice Photo source: Instagram/@icespice

Ice Spice and Central Cee have intensified rumors of a budding romance after being spotted shopping together in London. Footage emerged showing the two rap superstars leaving a high-end fashion store in the English capital, flanked by bodyguards.

The Deli and Doja hitmakers also chatted and laughed while shopping for jewelry. They were even spotted riding in a white Lamborghini SUV, adding to the speculation about their relationship. Both artists posted separate videos of their London cruise in the luxury vehicle, further fueling the rumors.

Ice Spice confirmed last year that she was dating someone but chose not to reveal the identity of her partner, emphasizing her focus on music. Speculation has suggested that the Pretty Girl rapper’s mystery beau could be RiotUSA, a close collaborator and producer of many of her hits, including Munch (Feelin’ U), Princess Diana, and In Ha Mood.

Meanwhile, Central Cee has been in a public relationship with social media influencer Madeline Argy since 2022. However, the couple was rumored to have taken a break last year, leading fans to speculate about a possible new romance with Ice Spice.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the possibility of Ice Spice and Central Cee becoming hip-hop’s newest power couple. Their studio session earlier this year sparked comments about how “cute” they looked together. Many fans believe the transatlantic duo would make an excellent pair.

Central Cee has praised Ice Spice, describing her as humble, down-to-earth, and strategic in her music career. He appreciates her dedication and success, noting that she runs with every opportunity she gets.

Central Cee has also expressed interest in collaborating with Ice Spice, citing her as the only peer he’s currently keen on working with. Ice Spice echoed his sentiments, acknowledging their strong friendship and hinting at an upcoming collaboration.

She mentioned that they became good friends after Central Cee joined her on the remix of “Munch,” and promised new and exciting projects in the future.