Ayra Starr Glows On Cover Of Hunger Magazine July Edition

BY Nii Ogbamey Tetteh July 4, 2024 11:20 PM EDT
ayra starr

Celestial Being, Ayra Starr, is the cover girl for the July edition of the Hunger magazine published by British photographer Rankin.

Radiant-looking Ayra is seen on the cover of the publication with sunglasses, wearing a Hugo-branded top and jeans with a silver wig cap. In a related photo, she is seen in an all-black dress with a padlock and keys stringed around her waist with her hand on her cheek. 

Noted for wearing mini-skirts, mainly to her performances, her outlook on the cover of the magazine makes her fans appreciate her style from a different perspective.

The publication highlights aspects of Commas hitmaker, who continues to make waves with her latest album, The Year I Turned 21.

Hunger is a biannual magazine launched in November 2011, “born from Rankin’s desire to celebrate the innate drive that we all possess and with a bit of creativity.”

It is described as a “space for those with a real appetite for knowledge and a place for those who want change.” It focuses on culture, fashion, beauty, music, and arts,

Last month, Ayra Starr’s trendy album The Year I Turned 21 was listed among the top 50 best albums by American music and entertainment magazine, Billboard. A review of Ayra Starr’s project praised the singer’s honesty and exceptional artistry and music diversity.

“Her self-examination is poignant, whether giving thanks to God about where she’s headed in life on the resilient single Commas, clutching her heart due to the pain of unrequited love on the Giveon-assisted “Last Heartbreak Song” or grieving her late father on tear-jerking closer The Kids Are Alright,” it said.

Melodies on the compilation include Birds Sing of Money, Goodbye (Warm Up) ft Asake, Control, Lagos Love Story, Last Heartbreak Song, Bad Vibes.

In a recent interview, Ayra stated that she chose to work with the artistes featured on the album because she had a musical soft spot for each of them.

“Everybody I collaborated with on this album, I genuinely love their sound. I say I’m the creative director of my music because I hear different things and I put different things together,” she stated.